Three Sisters these days is a designated nature reserve
Three Sisters these days is a designated nature reserve

FOR a man whose work takes him into the bustling heart of Wigan’s night scene, it is perhaps not surprising that his favourite places get him away from it all.

Mick Lyons, boss of the borough’s largest door security firm MYL, finds tranquility from two places in his home town of Ashton.

The first is the Three Sisters which, when it was a colliery the young Mick used to play with his friends.

The second is the graveyard of St Oswald’s Church.

Mick said: “Whenever I am feeling a bit down or in a nostalgic mood I’ll go to St Oswald’s. It’s where my parents and both sets of grandparents are buried so there is a strong link. The church also reminds me of childhood when we were made to go to a service at 6am before school.

“And when you are heading into Ashton along Bolton Road St Oswald’s is the first thing you see. You know you are coming home.

“As for the Three Sisters that brings back childhood memories too. You get great views of Manchester and it has become quite a beauty spot these days.”