Laura White
Laura White

FORMER X Factor singer Laura White may be busy living it in the capital, but she still cites Wigan as one of her favourite places.

The Atherton-born star said: “Wigan is still one of my favourite places even though I’m London-bound. It is so friendly and close knit as it is still home!

“I love the shopping precinct in Wigan and I love having a day at the shops with my mum and just going to Topshop and Miss Selfridge, doing normal things away from the music. I’ve also been to many of the bars partying there and it is crazy! I also just love the normal things in Wigan and the lovely people.

“I remember the week before I performed the Lowry last year, my friend and I pulled up at Wigan KFC and just had dinner in the car to calm me from all the craziness of rehearsals with the performance.

“I love how when I come home I can be me and I can do my own thing. I remember who I am and what made me the artist and girl I am today. Also I miss the steak puddings of course. I do miss home. I hope with my success, we can bring more love to our hometowns.”