MY FAVOURITE PLACE - with Carley Stenson

Carley Stenson
Carley Stenson

SOAP and West End stage star Carley Stenson may have come back from an exciting two weeks away in the sun in LA, but she still cites Billinge Hill as her top spot to be.

The 30-year-old has recently moved back to Billinge after living in London whilst she starred in hit musicals Legally Blonde and Shrek.

Now she has finished her West End stint, she is back with her family, busy auditioning for mew roles,

And one of the first things she did on her return was visit Billinge Hill.

She said: “It was my best friend’s 30th birthday and I went to Billinge with a few other friends and their babies as we thought it would be nice to revisit where we went as kids and recreate the memories and take new photos. “I loved it, as I have not been there for years.

“It was great to see the views of Billinge and Wigan.

“We pointed out the places we used to hangout as teenagers and get White Lightning and Hooch and sit in the woods. My friends’ children were laughing at the fact we used to do that.

“It makes me feel so old and it was weird to think they are the next generation who will visit the place and create their own memories.

“We wore wellies and played in the woods just like big kids – it was so much fun.

“When I was living in London, I did try and visit family and friends in Billinge as often as I could, but didn’t go to Billinge Hill, so now I am back, I will try and make it a regular visit.”