Natalie hopes to cook up a storm on Come Dine With Me

Natalie Crompton and her cat Polly
Natalie Crompton and her cat Polly

A CAT-loving hairdresser was hoping to give a “purrfect” performance as she prepared a pet-themed meal on a popular TV reality show.

Millions of viewers will tune in this afternoon (Monday) to see Natalie Crompton of Gorman Street trying to win over the hearts - and stomachs - of fellow Wiganers in a new series of Come Dine With Me.

The borough is set to see the 27-year-old dish up both tasty dishes and controversial comments for her contestants.

Having three cats, the Beech Hill salon owner has named each course after her pets.

She said: “I love all animals so I couldn’t help dedicate my menu to them. I’m so nervous about seeing how I will come across on TV. I hope that I just appear as though I am in real life. But after all the editing and commentary I know that probably won’t happen.

“Filming the show was the craziest week of my life but I was gutted when it was over. I loved it. Each contestant kept in touch as we got on so well, they’re lovely. I don’t know whether I’ll be saying that after tonight though when I see what they say about me to the camera.

“I was apprehensive about going on the show to begin with as I’m fussy about my food. And I have to admit I’m not afraid to tell people when I don’t like their cooking.

“Another contestant cooked steak and I hate it. I told him the night before and you should have seen his face, he went white.”

The former St John Fisher High pupil admits that it was tough rating the others.

She added: “The cooking was really good, I did enjoy each night. The hosts gave us so much alcohol though on the evening and I don’t normally drink so I became so tipsy.”

The show starts this afternoon at 4.30pm on Channel 4.