Natalie’s Olympic pay nightmare

Olympic games worker Natalie Walsh of Leigh who has still not received wages for the work she did last summer
Olympic games worker Natalie Walsh of Leigh who has still not received wages for the work she did last summer

A WOMAN’S Olympic role has turned into a nightmare because of a delayed pay packet.

Bar worker Natalie Walsh was overjoyed to land a job working as security at the biggest sporting event in the world last summer.

But the 25-year-old is still owed hundreds of pounds worth of wages, more than six months after legendary British rockers The Who brought the 2012 games to an end at the spectacular closing ceremony.

Natalie, of Langdale Street, Leigh, applied for the role with AP Security after seeing it advertised online.

After being taken on she worked for three weeks at a range of events such as the volleyball at Earls Court and at the BMX track in the Olympic Park in East London.

She said: “I had not done anything like this before but it sounded like a good opportunity, both work wise and to be involved in something like the Olympics.

“My colleagues and I stayed on a campsite in Essex for the three weeks, we had space provided but had to sort our own tents.

“There was talk that we would be used at the Paralympics as well, but that didn’t happen in the end, which was disappointing.

“It would have been great to do that too.

“I worked at the entrances to the venues as security staff and I really enjoyed it.

“But not getting paid and having to chase for my wages has spoiled the experience.”

When contacted by the Wigan Evening Post, Leigh-based Eventworks Training and Security declined to comment on why Natalie’s wages had been delayed.

Olympics organisers were forced to draft in the armed forces and police officers after security firm G4S failed to provide enough trained staff, causing widespread concern in the lead-up to the games.

Natalie said: “I was told that the reason there has been a wait is because the company that Eventworks were contracted by - AP Security - have not passed on the money.

“But I have spoken to colleagues who were contracted directly to that other company and they have received their wages without a problem.

“They keep giving the same excuses. I have been told time and time again that the money would be in my account and it just hasn’t happened.

“It has made me think that if I ever do anything like this again, I will perhaps take a lot more care and research the companies that I’m going to be working for.”