Natalie’s weighty challenge

Russell Meadows, director of RM Fitness, left, presents a certificate to Natalie Crompton
Russell Meadows, director of RM Fitness, left, presents a certificate to Natalie Crompton

SHEDDING the stones is an achievement in itself - but using the new-found weight loss to boost a business is pure determination.

For one Wigan salon owner, her dream came true after she lost 27 pounds and three dress sizes in just three weeks.

Natalie Crompton of Laura, Leanne and Co in Beech Hill has not only gained a new found confidence, but with this her company’s profits are soaring.

Along with six of her colleagues, the 27-year-old completed RM Fitness Gym’s ‘eight- week challenge’.

And by fighting the flab she won the task alongside Ashton’s Andrew Simm, 39.

Natalie said: “I am not lying when I say it’s been one of the hardest things ever. And I’m a girl that loves my food so it was the greatest feeling when they announced that the winner was me - I just screamed.

“Now, I feel amazing. I’m like a new woman and so much more confident.

“I have just come back from holiday and I still have one and a half stone to lose before I reach my target but now I know I can do it - I’m more determined than ever.”

Warehouse operative Andrew and Natalie both shed the same amount of weight during the eight weeks.

Because of their courage, this challenge saw the highest per cent of good results across the board, compared with any of the other challenges run over the last five years.

Owner of RM Fitness, Russ Meadows, said: “I would say 95 per cent of those who finished saw results they would be very proud of.

“It was because of Natalie’s character and enthusiasm that shone through which helped her gain such fantastic results.

“She spurred everybody else on in the group which, in turn, enabled them to lose more weight and get stuck in.

“Everybody just bounced off her and Andrew. It was wonderful to see.”

The former St John Fisher High pupil first found the gym after making a conscious decision to turn her life around.

She added: “I was really overweight before I started the challenge and I just felt awful.

“I was in such a dark place and it was getting me so down and upset. I’d been everywhere and tried everything, every diet in the world to lose weight but nothing was happening. I was getting so frustrated.

“Then I heard about the eight-week challenge and I thought I would give it a try. Russ, put me on a really strict diet and a hard training regime four times a week.

“It was torture but the hardest thing about it was the diet.

“I miss chocolate so much but it’s worth it.”