Nesha’s cool way to get around

Glam crutches for Nesha Berry, pictured with Roger Mason and Sharon Farley-Mason
Glam crutches for Nesha Berry, pictured with Roger Mason and Sharon Farley-Mason

A WIGAN woman with leukaemia who needs crutches to get about has been given a touch of glitz, thanks to an enterprisingly different company.

For Nesha Berry, walking with a crutch was boring and embarrassing.

But firm GlamSticks, working in partnership with the Amy Wallace Magpie Trust – a charity set up to support children and young people with leukaemia – has offered to give her a bold black and gold set of crutches.

The 20-year-old from Ashton was diagnosed with cancer in October last year after suffering severe pain in her shoulder.

Although she is in remission, she is still receiving treatment at The Christie Hospital, which is causing her crippling pain.

Nesha, who attends Wigan and Leigh College twice a week for an access to health course, said: “I have crutches because the treatment uses steroids, which causes parts of my bones to die.

“It is very painful because my bones are rubbing away at my hips and knees.

“I had been walking around in pain because I found the crutches embarrassing as they were big and ugly.

“I was speaking with someone at the hospital who arranges meetings and support activities and my name was put forward to the Amy Wallace Magpie Trust.

“Now I have a beautiful set of black and gold crutches and I will use them more.

“I can match them with my outfits when going out and I am really pleased with them.”

GlamSticks, which makes bespoke, designer crutches, is run by Sharon Farley-Mason, of nearby Adlington, who uses crutches herself as she has fibromyalgia.

Her husband is also disabled as he lost his leg in a motorbike ride when he was 17.

The firm offers a range of sticks with colourful patterns, from diamantes and butterflies to poppies and glitter,

Each GlamStick is hand-painted and individually designed and can be made to order.

Sharon said: “I feel it is important for ill or disabled people to feel good about themselves and I am concerned that the fashion industry in general ignores people with ailments.

“I use crutches and I didn’t want boring ones and discovered GlamSticks, which was set up my ME and fibromyalgia sufferer Debbie Deboo.

“I was told I was not employable because I have fibromyalgia, but I did not want to give up working, so I took over GlamSticks, which was the perfect solution.”