New club celebrates cake

Alex Fisher
Alex Fisher

CAKE lovers are in for a treat as an exciting new club starting up in Wigan.

Established in Leeds in 2010, the Clandestine Cake Club now has chapters all over the country and their first get-together in the borough is scheduled for this week.

With a simple mission statement of “bake, eat and talk about cake”, the group provides an opportunity for enthusiasts of all skill levels to share their baking experiences.

Wigan’s group organiser, Alex Fisher, who owns her own cake baking business, decided to bring the club to the borough having been trying to start a group of her own.

She said: “I had been looking to start my own cake club and after doing some research I found the Clandestine Club and thought I could set it up in Wigan.

“The name refers to the fact that you sign up with the organiser and don’t find out where the location of the meeting is until the lead up to it – and it’s different each time.

“Each one has a theme – this time it is death by chocolate – and people can interpret it however they feel, bake a cake and bring it along to the meeting.”

The club encourages baking enthusiasts to get together, make new friends and swap tips and recipes, plus the added bonus of being able to taste fellow members’ offerings.

Although the group is strictly for cake purists, with one of the guidelines stating that “no cupcakes, muffins, brownies, pies or tarts are allowed. It’s all about cake.”

Alex, 30, of Lawns Avenue, Orrell, has enjoyed baking since her childhood and hopes to one day progress her cake business so that she can open her own tea shop.

The Truly Scrumptious Baking owner, said: “I learned to bake from my mum and I’ve always enjoyed it and it was a big decision when I started my own business a couple of years. I suppose the group is more like a bit of fun rather than anything to do with the business, I love baking and the concept is that people will turn up as strangers but will leave as friends. The interest in the first meeting has been great and I’m hoping that as word gets around, more and more people will want to join us. Baking is very popular at the moment.”

For more information about the club visit or to book a place with the monthly meetings of the Wigan chapter, email Alex Fisher on