New duet dream

Rick Astley
Rick Astley
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COULD eighties crooner Rick Astley be heading for a duet with Katy Perry?

The former Newton-le-Willows singer admitted he would love to collaborate with the American star during his appearance at Scotland’s Rewind festival.

He told The Daily Record newspaper: “I like Katy Perry a lot. I love her sense of humour and like her songs and I think she’s had quite a tough journey to get where she’s got to. Her song I Kissed A Girl was not that simple and you’ve got to give her credit for that. She’s a great singer and writes really good interesting songs and interesting. If I could speak to her I’d say I’ll come and play banjo for you love.”

The Never Gonna Give You Up singer also admitted he would love to get another big record deal, although he is reluctant give up his freedom.

He explained: “I’d love to have a big record contract and like to have loads of hits again but it all partly depends on what I’m willing to do.

“I’ve been asked to do all the daft shows like Big Brother and the jungle but I’m not interested in being on TV.

“I like singing in front of people but I’m not so comfortable with the other stuff. I do all these gigs and then I drive home and not one person recognises me in any of the petrol stations or cafes on the way home, so it is perfect.”

But although he loves touring and performing, Rick confessed he prefers to drive to gigs due to a fear of flying.

He said: “It’s true. I probably am scared of flying. I don’t like it and if I can I avoid it. I drive all over Europe - Norway, Portugal, Hungary.”

“I get very anxious about flying and unless I need to make a long-haul flight I tend to avoid planes altogether.

“Instead I prefer to take a leisurely road trip and whenever I am touring in Europe I will always drive.

“Last year I had various gigs booked in southern Italy and it was glorious to cruise through the Alps and then Tuscany.

“When I last played in the States, my wife, Lene, and I spent 10 days driving from New York to Los Angeles which was a real experience.”