New label for Ting Tings

Katie White of The Ting Tings
Katie White of The Ting Tings
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THE Ting Tings have formed their own record label in a bid to move away from the ‘popstars’ status.

The duo, which consists of Lowton-born Katie White and Jules De Martino, have revealed they walked away from major music labels and launched Finca because they are “not very good pop stars.”

After stints with Sony Music and Jay Z’s management company Roc Nation, the two-piece decided to go back to their roots so they could give themselves creative control over their third album, Super Critical.

Katie and Jules set up their label before spending a year in Ibiza writing and recording their latest album — produced by former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor, who used analogue recording techniques learnt from his band’s time in the studio to capture The Ting Tings’ sound.

They were inspired by the island’s constant party atmosphere and the glamorous excess of 1970s New York.

Jules said: “We were with Sony for our first two albums and we had a great relationship — there wasn’t a bitter fallout. We made our first record ourselves in our bedrooms, we put our own vinyl out and we loved that process.”

But he added: “Success changes things in terms of how you can perform and react — you’re a bigger target, you have to comply a bit.

“We’re not very good pop stars. We can’t do red carpets. We’re not very good at sustaining that momentum. We like being underdogs.”

After their second album - Sounds From Nowheresville - he said they were managed by Roc Nation, who were “a very professional outfit”, and touring the world.

Jules added: “We looked at each other and went ‘We’re losing it here. This is not what we’re about’. “It felt wrong. Sony knew instinctively that the only way The Ting Tings would survive is if we were doing our own thing.”

Formed in 2007, The Ting Tings met at Islington Mill Studios where Jules produced tracks for various artists performing at the venue and Katie worked at the bar.

A Chinese colleague of Katie’s was called Ting Ting, and she explained that her name sounded like the pronunciation of ‘bandstand’ in Mandarin. Following subsequent research the duo discovered that it also meant ‘sound of innovation on an open mind’, which seemed a perfect fit for their music.

The pair are currently touring internationally with a UK tour this November that includes a sell-out show at Manchester’s Deaf Institute.

The single Do It Again will be released on November 3 while Super Critical is out on October 27.