No diving in

Vernon Kay in Splash
Vernon Kay in Splash
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VERNON Kay won’t be making a big splash anytime soon.

The former St John Rigby student returns tonight for ITV’s Splash but has no inclination to do any diving himself,

He said: “You’re joking! Even Tom Daley says he still gets nervous on the 10m board. Standing there looking down, I thought, ‘The guys who are doing this are absolutely mental.’

“When you’re watching on TV, you don’t realise just how high it is, The experts say, ‘Don’t look down,’ but how can you not? It’s so high it’s ridiculous!

“The first series made a big impact.

“At first it was one of those shows where everybody got confused by its simplicity.

“Then they watched it and said, ‘hang on, this is what it says on the tin. It’s celebrities diving’.

“Initially people just didn’t believe that something so simple could be such fun.

“I think viewers really admire the courage of the celebrities. They are brave people physically and mentally, particularly in this day and age where we are supposed to conform to strict body shapes.

I doff my cap to them.

“The element of danger gives it a real frisson. We all love watching it.”