No kidding ... can anyone find owner of Billy Crooke?

Derek Keen with 'Billy' the stray goat he found on the bridge at Crooke
Derek Keen with 'Billy' the stray goat he found on the bridge at Crooke

DOES anyone have a home for this friendly goat?

Derek Keen, 69, was walking by the canal in Crooke when he discovered the black and white billy wandering along the bridge.

Concerned for his welfare, Derek used thick string to tie around his neck and pull him to safety with the aid of a neighbour.

The goat, now affectionately dubbed Billy Crooke, is temporarily living in a make-shift pen, created from a cesspit which may have been a former mine shaft.

Derek, a father-of-two and grandfather-of-two, said: “The goat was wandering down the canal and coming over the bridge when I spotted him.

“I was worried about his safety and rather than him going on the roads or in the canal, I tied some string around his neck and managed with a neighbour to get him inside a pen.

“It is a shame as he is quite a character and has a good disposition.

“He does try to get out of the pen but he is pretty friendly. He always comes to us when we go to him.”

Derek and his wife, Christine, 65, are now looking after Billy Crooke and feed him regularly.

But the couple are appealing for his owners to come forward.

Derek added: “He is here until someone picks him up. We will just have to look after him the best we can.

“He gets well fed, as he will eat most things. We have put a cover over the pen because of the rain.

“We have been in touch with the RSPCA, who went with us to the site where we thought he may be from, near Martland Mill, but nothing has come to fruition.”

An RSPCA spokesman said it was not concerned for its welfare and that the organisation had minimal involvement in the case.

The goat, which has one horn shorter than another, was found by Derek on Tuesday.

If anyone knows the owner or would be interested in taking care of the goat call Natalie Draycott on 01942 506280 or email