No-one is too fat to work

Catherine Tyldesley
Catherine Tyldesley

CORONATION Street beauty Catherine Tyldesley has hit out at a TV couple who claimed they were too fat to work.

Catherine, who herself was once 15 stone and a size 22, was left outraged and “livid” after watching the Channel 5 documentary, Too Fat To Work, last week, which follows the life of Stephen Beer, 45, and Michelle Coombe, 43, who receive £2,000 each month including disability payouts.

Despite splashing out £3,000 of taxpayers’ hard earned cash on a wedding, they claim that they can’t work as they’re too big.

Catherine wrote on Twitter: “This program makes me livid. Are these people for real?? Being Fat is NOT a disability. If the Government spent more money on the RIGHT nutritional education from an early age they would then have better things to spend OUR money on than cars, kebabs, weddings, carers for those claiming to be ‘helplessly fat’. And allowing your child to eat (rubbish) everyday is not is mindless ABUSE.”

Meanwhile, Catherine, who is expecting a baby with Standish personal trainer Tom Pitfield, wrote on her blog for Hello how excited her family were over the baby and how Wigan traditions may sneak in,

She said; “Tom can’t wait to take his little boy to watch Wigan Warriors – my dad can’t wait to introduce his grandson to a ‘Wigan Barm’ (a pie on a barmcake…or a ‘roll’ to you southerners) This will NOT happen on my watch!”