No reunion yet for Starsailor

James Walsh
James Walsh
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SINGER James Walsh does not think his former band Starsailor will reunite in the near future - but has not ruled it out.

When asked whether it was the end of Starsailor, the former Wigan and Leigh College student told TNT magazine: “I don’t think so, although I can’t see us coming back in the near future. We had an amazing time – almost 10 years together and four albums that we’re proud of.

“It’s important not to outstay your welcome as a band and it was important for the lads to explore life out of Starsailor, too. Bassist James Stelfox is currently on tour with Spiritualized.”

He added that he sometimes gets lonely as there is no-one to share nerves with, but he has performed with different acts, including Jim Duguid, Donnie Little and Mick McDaid.

He also spoke of his new album, Lullaby, adding: “People should expect a dark album lyrically but with some pretty melodies interwoven into some of the tracks.

“It’s different to what I’ve done before because it’s based entirely on the plot of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name.

“The most poignant song is Start Again. The rest of the album is very dark and fits the story of some twisted characters, but this track has more of a restorative universal message of trying to right the wrongs.

“More people can relate their experiences to it.”