Nominate someone to do a good turn

AS the lethal Neknominate craze sweeps the country the Wigan Evening Post has come up with a way to impress and influence people in a far more positive way, as reporter Natalie Walker demonstrates.

HAVING written one sorry story about a Wigan man who downed a stupid concoction of alcohol drinks and seeing my Facebook newsfeed rapidly filling up with people’s videos bragging about their Neknomination, I came to a decision.

Natalie Walker says 'no' to the neknominate craze by doing a good deed - helping to make up food parcels at The Brick's food bank

Natalie Walker says 'no' to the neknominate craze by doing a good deed - helping to make up food parcels at The Brick's food bank

Seeing as people love following latest stunts, why not turn the Neknominate phenomenon on its head and do something useful?

Instead of selecting someone to drink a nasty, and potentially dangerous cocktail then perform a further idiotic stunt, why not nominate someone to do a good deed?

Admittedly, the idea is not solely my own. A man in South Africa filmed himself giving a drink and a sandwich to a homeless person. And through the power of social media, that story came onto my radar, proving that something small can grow and influence others even across the other side of the world.

So my challenge to fellow reporters – and our readers – is to Deednominate.

Pick a friend and ask them to do a good act – show someone some kindness and make their day.

To get the ball rolling I bought some goodies at the supermarket and took them to The Brick homeless shelter in Arcade Street to be distributed from its food bank. While there I gained an insight into what is needed and who The Brick supports and also packed up a food parcel.

Cereals, tins of meat and vegetables, pasta, soups, tea, coffee, biscuits and bread are all packed up to be given out to people, ensuring they have at least two meals.

I was shown around the food bank by Amy Clark, of Hindley, who volunteers every day for four hours.

The 20-year-old said: “I enjoy knowing that I am doing something good and helping people that need support. Some families struggle to afford food due to the high cost of living and the food bank is one way of helping. It is useful knowing they have a place to come if they need some food.”

To view the Evening Post’s Deednominate video, visit Then create your own footage of a good deed, post it on Twitter and Facebook and select a friend to carry on the phenomenon.