One in four new homes must be affordable

Affordable homes
Affordable homes

DEVELOPERS hoping to build in Wigan as part of the Core Strategy will have to ensure they include enough affordable housing, the council says.

The local authority is keen to ensure that at least one in four new houses being built on sites consisting of 10 or more properties will meet the affordability criteria.

House building companies will also have to make homes available at below-market costs, either through selling at discount prices or placing properties in shared equity or low-cost home ownership schemes.

The draft consultation also plans to ensure land can be transferred to the council or housing providers for building affordable homes, and sets out proposals for as many houses as possible to be accessible to people on lower incomes where the 25 per cent target cannot be reached.

The council also wants to make sure that affordable housing is spread evenly throughout the sites where construction will be needed to meet the borough’s housing needs, rather than being concentrated in a small number of estates.

Following majority approval at the scrutiny committee, the draft will now be put out for public consultation. The Core Strategy is being examined by a planning inspector.