Our man Andy pushed right to the limit

Wigan Evening Post reporter Andy Edgeworth, will give up using a mobile phone for a month
Wigan Evening Post reporter Andy Edgeworth, will give up using a mobile phone for a month
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IT was tough - I will not lie and I came to within the width of a cigarette paper of failure.

Diet Coke has been a friend for many years and it felt like I had lost a good friend this month. Making my lunch for work every morning and putting in a carton of fruit juice instead of the delightful silver can felt like cheating on my girlfriend.

The challenges were hard. A hung over trip to Nando’s proved to be purgatory-like given the distinct lack of beverages on offer that are not fizzy.

A shockingly busy day in the office had me on my knees in front of the vending machine weeping.

Another hung over trip (I can see a recurring theme here) to the local shop saw me even buy two cans of diet coke. Yes I admit it. In a stupor with a sore head I wandered in and instinctively picked up a can from the fridge. What was worse that despite not registering what I was doing I did realise it was two cans for a £1 so I jumped at the chance.

It was only when I got outside the shop that I realised my error - cue the tears again. However, despite the trials and tribulations of a diet coke free existence I did mange to abstain.

I have grown fond of fruit juice and I drink more water so it cannot be a bad thing.

Do I feel better for it - not really, but I suppose variety is the spice of life.

My skin does not seem to be any clearer and I do not have any more energy, but then again I have not noticed I have less energy - I still despise mid-afternoon as much as I ever have.

The difference is that my knee-jerk reaction to reach out for diet coke has gone and therefore my quest is a success.

I am looking forward to my first carbonated drink I will not lie, but I am determined to make sure I save it for when it is really needed rather than just rely on it. I don’t want to return to my beverage of choice like a fat kid to cake now that February has mercifully passed on.

Oh and I must say thanks to Joseph for the letter - very helpful.

Next month I return to my youth - I’m giving up my mobile phone in March.