New BBC TV show shines the spotlight on the Lake District, one of the jewels of the north west

A new TV series aims to introduce one of the north west's most popular beauty spots to a new generation.

TV and Film
The Wild Boar Inn

Travel: Wild Boar Inn, Windermere

When choosing a wild weekend away, you can’t go wrong with beer, smoking and guns.

VIDEO: Blind and partially sighted experience the thrill of the racetrack

Blind and partially sighted people were given the rare chance to experience the thrill of whizzing around a Wigan racetrack.

National Garden Scheme

Beautiful Lancashire gardens available to view via National Garden Scheme

People love a good nosey around someone else’s garden to see how they form their perennials and now is the perfect chance to snoop.

WATCH: Galloway's Society for the Blind in Penwortham gives blind and partially sighted people a driving experience in Wigan

Blind and partially sighted people from Lancashire were given the chance to experience the thrill of whizzing around a Wigan racetrack.

WATCH: Where to do go-karting in Lancashire

Go-karting is a fun and adrenalin-fuelled activity to enjoy in groups.
Dog ownership has so many benefits

Is it sensible to get a dog just because the kids want one?

The Dogs Trust advises on what to consider before getting a family dog.

The Nimes Roman ampitheatre

TRAVEL: Underground and overground in beautiful southern France

Smell. Taste. Think.
Pub by the canal

Where are the best canalside pubs in Lancashire?

Readers have submitted their suggestions.

Friday Night Launch Event starts at 6pm

Southport Airshow this weekend: What to see and when

Eyes to the skies this weekend as historical aircraft and fast noisy jets perform thrilling and daring aerobatics over the beach in Southport.

Adventure at Haigh Country Park

Lancashire recommends... adventure golf

Here is a list of places for adventure golf.
Gift shop

Where are the best gift shops?

With Christmas around the corner, we all need a little inspiration.

The Red Arrows in Blackpool

Blackpool Airshow: Line-up and timings

Planning on heading to Blackpool to watch the airshow at the weekend?
The facts

Getting back on the bike: Karl Holbrook looks to the new year and gearing up for his toughest challenge yet

I like a challenge. Like getting out of bed on these cold, dark mornings or not devouring the entire tin of Quality Street meant for Christmas.
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