Passport drama

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh on another recent holiday holiday in Miami
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh on another recent holiday holiday in Miami

KELLY Brook may struggle to keep up her jet setting lifestyle as it appears she has become the latest victim of the passport delays.

The 34-year-old model, who has certainly clocked up the air miles travelling to and from LA, plus exotic holidays to Jamaica and Miami, hinted at problems when she posted on Twitter: “HM London Passport office were so unhelpful today. Told me the only way I can travel is if I Tell them someone has died. #Speechless.”

Meanwhile, Kelly, who is engaged to Ashton-born David McIntosh, has been promoting her perfume fragrance, posing next to a new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

In March, she released her third fragrance called Audition, with the first being Kelly Brook Eau de Toilette from 2007 and the second was Vivacious from 2008.

Audition is described as “sexy, glamorous and confident.”

The brunette beauty used the new photo promotion to stand up against her weight critics, as she posted the stunning snap on Instagram and wrote: “Wore McQueen and ate a burger in between.”

The former Big Breakfast presenter had also added in previous interviews that David loves her curves, which she is, too, proud of.

She said: “I love my curves and I’ve got no interest in being skinny.

“I don’t want to look like a 10-year-old-boy, I want to look like a woman. I like myself curvier, to be honest.”

Kelly has also been active in the fashion stakes as she has launched a new clothing line with Simply Be.

She said: “It’s been brilliant working with Simply Be on this collection.

“I really wanted it to reflect some of the latest trends but also give women the confidence to embrace and show off their assets. I’ve always found it difficult to find clothes that fit my body shape, so this has been a wonderful opportunity to create a range that is all about fitting and accentuating curves! I can’t wait to see what people think of it!”

Angela Spindler, CEO at N Brown Group, said: “Kelly Brook is the perfect fit for Simply Be as she is shining example of somebody who embraces and celebrates her curves. She has put huge amounts of energy and passion into designing her collection with our team, ensuring each piece has the vital ingredients necessary to make our customers feel fantastic.”

Her autobiography, Up Close, is out in September.