Paul does it by the book

Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly
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Wigan wordsmith Paul Kelly is delighted at the publication of his first novel. And so he should’s taken him a QUARTER of his life to complete.

The 300,000 word blockbuster The Lost Brigade is published in soft back and is available to download...for just 83p.

Thirty-year-old Paul, from Sturton Avenue, Goose Green, has been writing since he was 10 and although “Lost Brigade” took him a years to complete, he never suffered writers’ block.

Working in the teaching profession, Paul says his book is part ghost story, part thriller and part fantasy and is set in a world of its own.

He said: “In reality, the story in The Lost Brigade is set completely in a world of its own telling of a fellow who finds his sister murdered and his brother suspiciously present. He sets out to find answers but is unaware that his journey will take him through the gates of death.”

Son of former Wigan journalist, Phil Kelly, Paul says “The Lost Brigade” is part of a trilogy, and the second is already nearing completion.

He said: “When I started writing I knew where I was going and where the story would end up. When I’m writing I lose all track of time as the words pour out.

“Parts of the story deal with the after-life. In fact, one of the main characters dies in the first chapter.

“I personally believe there is something when we leave this life. What it is I’m far from sure and the book deals with one of the possibilities.”

In a world where publishing is altering and forging ahead with new ways, Paul’s book is self-published with Amazon. It can be downloaded to a Kindle electronic book receiver. An actual copy costs £15.

Paul said: “I enjoy my work as a school cover supervisor and then most of my spare time is taken up writing. I escape into other words sitting at my computer. Writing is pure pleasure to me.”