Pier memories live on

Upstairs at Wigan Pier Night Club before demolition began and (below) a view of the club
Upstairs at Wigan Pier Night Club before demolition began and (below) a view of the club

AS the bulldozers move in on the famous Wigan Pier Nightspot this week, a number of our readers have been re-living their good – and bad – times at the famous club.

The building will be completely razed in the coming weeks and will be replaced by a community garden.

Pier today, gone tomorrow

Pier today, gone tomorrow

The Wigan Today Facebook page is teeming with memories of fans who attended the Nightspot over the years and here is just a selection:

Keira Young: “I only got a job here for what should have been six months to pay for a girly holiday.

“I ended up here for years and met some amazing people. I met my husband here and I reluctantly left when my large pregnant belly would no longer fit behind the bar. Amazing memories made by many. Sad to see it go.”

Chris Devany: “Spent some good nights in here. Seem to remember the floors being dirtier though.”

Chris Boylan: “Actually gutted, grew up in that place Friday and Saturday without fail, could definitely go back there this weekend. Didn’t come much better than that place for a night out. Class times.”

Paul ‘Robbo’ Roberts: “Working the doors at Wigan Pier was always fun; spent many a weekend in that place keeping the peace.”

Darryl Rigby: “You go on holiday and meet people from all over and the first thing they say when you mention Wigan is “Wigan Pier”.

“When I used to go there were people from Newcastle, Wales, all over the North West.”

Darryl Spedding: “I spent my teens and early 20s in there dancing the night away. Lots of good memories also a couple bad ones but the good times cover the bad times two and three times over.

“I will never forget being on the dancefloor after the new sound system was put in and thinking ‘this is sick’.”

Gill Long: “In the ’80s it was the best club in Wigan. Many of my friends and I met our future partners there and from that the next generation of Pier babies were born. It’s been an eyesore now and needs to go but like Wigan Casino its memories will remain.”

Jan Lolkema: “What a waste. This was one of the first things that I saw when I visited for the first time. Every time when I visit the great Wigan I must see the Pier.

“Another historic building down again. Greetings from Wolvega, the Netherlands.”