Posh lifestyle and children’s tantrums

Tanya Bardlsey
Tanya Bardlsey

WIGAN-born Tanya Bardsley has her sights on becoming the next Posh and Becks.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star, who is married to footballer Phil Bardsley, has told New! magazine that she would love to emulate Victoria Beckham.

Me and Phil are the poor man’s version of Posh and Becks... the budget Posh and Becks, the Benefit Street Posh and Becks

Tanya Bardsley

She said: “Me and Phil are the poor man’s version of Posh and Becks... the budget Posh and Becks, the Benefit Street Posh and Becks. She’s the WAG idol but I don’t really think of her in that way anymore. She’s established a brilliant carer of her own.”

Tanya, who still has family in Ashton, also admitted that because of the footballer lifestyle, she is worried about her husband staying faithful.

She said: “I do worry, yeah. If we are out and I see girls, I get all jealous and paranoid. They are relentless within coming up to him, These footballers have it easy because girls are absolutely queuing up. I don’t think he ever would, though. He’s like, ‘why would I cheat? I know you are a psychopath and you would take the kids off me.’”

As a mum-of-three, Gabriella, 12, Rocco, five, and Renz, two, Tanya’s life is colourful, as she relives some of her more embarrassing moments.

She said: “We interviewed a nanny the other day. She was hired, then met the kids and never came back. She just said sorry and legged it, She saw Rocco having a paddy and Renz going mad. He hits his head against the floor when he’s upset.”

She also recalled the time the boys played up in public, saying: “When Phil played at Wembley, we mingled with all these classy Sunderland FC wives in the posh bit afterwards and Rocco had the worst tantrum known to man. He wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming. I was getting attacked by the little monster. I couldn’t shout so I plastered on the biggest false grin and posh voice and said: ‘Now, now Rocco darling,’ with a firm grip on his arm. He was going ‘mummy, you’re hurting me, stop pinching me!’ That was awkward.”

But she added that Rocco is good at school but she gets a lot of reports that Renz is biting the other children at nursery.

But Tanya herself is known to slip into bad habits, as she was caught weeing on fellow Housewives star Leanne Brown’s driveway.