Pual works his magic

Paul Daniels
Paul Daniels
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WIGAN magic shop owner Paul Daniels may not be Brad Pitt, but the magician has revealed he got a lot of female attention in his younger days.

Paul, who owns Paul Daniels Magic Party Shop, in Mesnes Street, told Closer magazine: “I remember on my first tour back from the early ‘70s, I got this letter from a female fan who lived in Bognor Regis.

“She was telling me all these things she wanted to do to me.

“It made a dirty magazine look like an Enid Blyton novel, it was that rude.

“My manager asked if I wanted him to call the police. I said: ‘No. But you can book me a season in Bognor Regis!’

“I don’t get that much attention now. Everyone knows I am happily married to Debbie.”

The couple met 33 years ago, when Paul was 40 and Debbie was 20.

He added: “The age gap wasn’t a problem for me and her, but I knew that some people might have something to say about it. But we fell in love, and by that point, I didn’t care.”