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Kelly Brook and David McIntosh are engaged
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh are engaged
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KELLY Brook’s engagement has been sealed with a sparkly diamond ring.

The 34-year-old model announced her impending nuptials to Ashton-born David McIntosh almost two weeks ago but there was something missing.

As David joined his new fiance in LA, she was snapped leaving the gym with him and she couldn’t stop smiling as she showed off the sparkler.

The pair have yet to speak in depth about their exciting news, but David’s sister, Angela, told Reveal magazine that her brother is ready to settle down.

She insisted the 28-year-old didn’t split with Kelly at an earlier stage in their relationship, saying they’ve been ‘rock solid’ since they met on New Year’s Eve.

She also said David, 28, is not a ladies’ man and has only had one other serious relationship before he got together Kelly.

She said: “They’re really good together and very natural with each other.

“We were all shocked when David told us he was engaged - he’s not the impulsive type. He’s only ever been serious with one woman before Kelly and that was Rachel, the mother of his son, Logan.

“The fact he proposed to Kelly after such a short time proves how much he loves her - he wouldn’t take marriage lightly.

“He’s definitely not a player, he’s a loyal and faithful guy.

“He wants a big family and he definitely wants a brother or sister for his son.

“David is ready to settle down with Kelly, have a family and grow old with Kelly. They both want kids and are both serious about their careers. I think they’ll last the distance.”

Angela added it was unfair to accuse David, a former Royal Marine and Gladiator, of showing off his muscles in front of the cameras in a bid to be famous.

She said: “He’s always been that way - that’s just his personality.”

Meanwhile, the couple are worried that intimate snaps of each other may be leaked after David has reportedly lost his BlackBerry containing numerous photos.

But it seems Kelly’s acting career has been given a boost as she has landed one of the leading roles in the NBC pilot One Big Happy.

She will star alongside Nick Zano and Elisha Cuthbert, who play a straight man and lesbian woman who decide to have a baby together. Things take a turn for the worse when he marries a British woman named Prudence - played by Kelly.