Restaurant reveals mural to our heritage

Rrestauranteurs David and Jeanne Lancashire with the mural
Rrestauranteurs David and Jeanne Lancashire with the mural
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A TOWN centre restaurant has unveiled a mural depicting Wigan’s culture and heritage.

Stables Brasserie owners David and Jeanne Lancashire had ideas for a wall feature three months ago.

They commissioned local artist Lisa Burney to paint a large picture celebrating Wigan’s famous landmarks and people directly onto the restaurant wall.

The artwork was unveiled at a special event which saw town centre managers and council bosses attend.

David said: “The mural has been well received by everybody and so many people have commented on what they like about it.

“We love it too, we thought it was only right that we created something that celebrated Wigan’s history and its culture.

“We initially had the idea about three months ago, we knew that we wanted some sort of feature but weren’t sure what exactly, or how big.

“Lisa was one of our customers and after speaking to her and coming up with ideas, this was the final product.”

Lisa spent three weeks painting the mural which can be seen on the back wall of the first floor of the restaurant.

It includes the famous Wigan Casino, former Latics player Charles N’Zogbia, Wigan rugby stars and the Maypole Colliery, along with a pair of Romans.

David added: “We know that there are various things missing off there which encapsulate Wigan’s history and that is because we plan to commission another one, at some point next year.

“We need another mural with other famous Wigan landmarks such as Haigh Hall as well as George Formby and a scene depicting the Wigan Walking Days.

“Jeanne and I have both worked in a lot of different cities and some of them don’t have the history that Wigan does which is why it’s important to have things like this and keep talking about our heritage.”