Rick doesn’t drink that much

Rick Astley
Rick Astley

FORMER tea boy Rick Astley certainly lives up to his old days of glory by referring to drink culture in the UK as “crazy.”

With recent British media reports suggesting Australians lead the pack for being drunkards at the races, the Newton-le-Willows singer has stepped in to defend them, saying his native Brits are worse at the track, even Royal Ascot.

He said: “I have seen some seriously drunk people at the races in Melbourne but I don’t think that’s different to any event anywhere.

“Drink culture in the UK is crazy. It’s mayhem. We used to go out and get trolleyed, I sound like an old man, but we didn’t go drinking five nights a week. That seems to be a normal thing on a Wednesday night in the UK now.”

The Never Gonna Give You Up singer is currently touring Oz and appears to be going down well there. His recently self-released single Lights Out reached number 15 on the radio airplay charts in the UK.