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Rick Astley
Rick Astley
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RICK Astley is playing at the Reload Festival in Norfolk this weekend.

The Newton-le-Willows singer is joining the likes of Kool and the Gang, Go West, Hot Chocolate, Sister Sledge, The Human League, Billy Ocean and Jason Donovan, to perform a host of classic 80s hits.

He told EDP 24 website he loves performing at festivals, especially as he gets to watch his favourite acts.

He said: “Festivals are always a bit of fun. When there’s a big line-up it takes the pressure off because you know that there’s a lot of other good acts on that day, so people are still going to have a good time.

“I normally stand at the side of the stage and watch. “I grew up being a fan of a lot of the acts, like Kool and the Gang. And ABC’s Lexicon of Love is one of my favourite albums.”

And he told MEN: “I was never one of those pop stars who always had a smile on my face and was desperate for the limelight.

“I put a brave face on and did it but it wasn’t much about music really which is really why I like these 80s gigs because it’s all about the performance and getting up there and singing.

“I do enough to keep my hand in but I’m not doing it every night. I can understand why Madonna says, after 30 years, Do I really have to sing Holiday again?

“I did it for four or five years then had a break of about 15 years. So I can stand back and look at it and think how lucky I am.”

The crooner is also performing at Fly Back to the 80s, the first charity ball in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, at the Runway Visitor Centre, Manchester Airport, on Saturday September 27.

The star is no stranger to talent and with his former record producer Pete Waterman being a judge on Popstars and Pop Idol, he has voiced his opinion on The X Factor,

He said: “I’m 50/50 on the X Factor because there are some really talented singers on that show my negative was that some people really shouldn’t have been on that show, there was a bit of mockery at times and I’m not cool with that really.”