Rick’s rollin’ on and on

Rick Astley
Rick Astley
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RICK Astley has been Rickrolled again!

The Newton-le-Willows crooner’s famous Never Gonna Give you Up has been the subject of many jokers who engineered a YouTube link to the 80s song.

But the latest phenomenon involves a 16-year-old American high school student, Will Smidlein, who managed to hack through the restriction of the video being more than six seconds.

The video eventually broke down the Vine app the day of its release on Android.

An acquaintance at Twitter sent Smidlein a polite message asking him to remove the post, to which he agreed.

But the damage was done. His friends already started re-tweeting it and the feat went viral.

The clever student revealed it was luck that he had the Rick Roll mp4 on his computer at the time and it happened to conform to the formatting needed for his experiment.

Soon after, his inbox was besieged by interview requests and curious people congratulating him and asking how he did it.

Meanwhile, determined to get away from the craze, Rick is looking forward to being back home, as he performs at Haydock Park on June 22.

The musician has been globe-trotting over the past couple of months, including festival appearances in Australia, Switzerland and Bangkok.

He said: “It’s always weird doing shows like that, which are so close to home, because I’ll usually pop in to see my folks, so it’s a totally different dynamic to when you’re playing a show somewhere where you don’t know anyone.”

Rick started out as a young drummer playing in various bands around the local area.

But as he began to sing, he was noticed by record producer Pete Waterman and signed by Stock Aitken Waterman and his famous hit was born.

One of Rick’s earlier memories of Haydock Park racecourse is when one of his bands competed in a Battle Of The Bands Final, and won.

Rick now resides in London, where he has lived for the past 20 years.

He now plans to release a new album, My Red Book, although a release date is yet to be confirmed,

He said: “My reason for deciding to make a new record was because I wanted to – not because I wanted to sell loads of copies. So it kind of made me feel that there’s no harm in putting it on hold for a little while.”