Rugby too touhgh for Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins
Bradley Wiggins

OLYMPIC cyclist Bradley Wiggins reckons rugby league is “the hardest sport in the world.”

Wiggins, who is a Wigan Warriors fan, said that many of the players rank among his’ sporting heroes and was star-struck when he took part in a Joining Jack charity rugby match.

He said: “I never have [tried rugby league] I wouldn’t dare either.

“It is the hardest sport in the world, I think, without a doubt.

“It is so physical.

“They are all my heroes. They always have been, especially the Wigan lads, the Invincibles like Steve Hampson, Mick Cassidy, Jason Robinson, Martin Offiah, Kris Radlinski.”

•See next week’s Wigan Observer to see how Wiggins got on as a waterboy for the Joining Jack Dubai 7s legends side.

Meanwhile, someone who would not be star-struck is Plan B, who doesn’t even know who Wiggins is.

The rapper, whose real name is Ben Drew, only became aware of his identity after losing out to the Tour De France winner in an online poll to find the UK’s most influential man.

He said: “I dunno who he is. But how many people has he influenced to start riding bikes? Not as many as I have to wear suits.”

And now Wiggins, whose wife Catherine hails from Shevington, has ditched his sideburns, he is considering growing a beard for a change of appearance.

He said he is tempted to sport a hairy look like rock star Jim Morrison.

He said: “The sideburns won’t be back for a while — I’m not superstitious.

“I just want a different look so I don’t get recognised so much. I’m going for a Jim Morrison.”