Saddle up for western times

Western Equestrian Society is visiting Wigan horse riders to teach them about western riding
Western Equestrian Society is visiting Wigan horse riders to teach them about western riding
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A WIGAN farm will be transformed into a Western horse ranch as a new style of riding comes to town.

Instructors from Western Equestrian Society are descending on Landlords Farm, Dicconson Lane, Aspull, on Sunday, March 27 to teach horse riders the unique and innovative western style.

Dismissing the cliched cowboy style, western riding derives from America and is based on how well schooled and responsive the horse can be.

It involves using just one hand, where horses are trained to change direction with light pressure of a rein against its neck.

English riders, however, use both hands on the rein.

Amanda Rothwell, events co-ordinator for Lancashire’s Western Equestrian Society, said: “Western riding is a completely different way of riding.

“In America, when they were trying to herd cows, it used to upset them and Americans had to develop a method that was still responsive but quieter and calm.

“The horse is very quiet and can go from halt to gallop in just a few seconds.

“We work together as a partnership, as if you were on the ranch, your life would depend on that.

“For a lot of our members this is for pleasure. They like the nice, calm attitude of a western trained horse.

“If they are riding round the countryside, they have a calm way of dealing with obstacles or with passing cars on the roads.

“It is a serious discipline, but still fun.”

Western Equestrian Society has more than 80 members in the Lancashire and Yorkshire branch, with around 800 riders nationwide.

They range from young children to pensioners up to the age of 80.

Instructors visit various horse yards and farms across the region to deliver training courses.

The taster event on March 27 will begin at 10am with members using western tack and equipment.

This will be followed by a demonstration at noon.

From 1pm, non-members can learn the western style using English tack.

To take part in the training, you must have your own a horse and there will be a fee of £25.

To book, visit or email, or call 07811 956326.

Spectators are also welcome for free.