School’s high flyers win contest

Shevington High School balloon race winners
Shevington High School balloon race winners
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PUPILS at a Wigan secondary school were given a surprise when they received a “Goedemorgen” message from the Netherlands after a balloon release.

Pupils at Shevington High School released their balloons with poems attached to them to mark National Poetry Day last month.

Helped by strong winds blowing across the Atlantic Ocean, many of the balloons travelled nearly 500 miles to the coast of the Netherlands, where they were found on a beach by Rina Leydekkers three days after they were released.

She got in touch with the school through Facebook and reunited the balloons and their poems with the original owners.

A total of 15 balloons were found together on the beach.

Two of them belonged to Year 8 pupil Philip Hunter and Year 7 pupil Hannah Mills, and because were found a further half a mile up the beach, this made the competition winners.

Philip and Hannah were presented with a £10 book token as their prize.

Teacher Deb Garfield, one of the event organisers, said: “It was a fantastically successful event and we’re definitely going to run it again next year.

“We would never have guessed the balloons would get as far as they did, but we’re hoping they will go even further next year.”