Sexy Scirocco has come of age

The VW Scirocco GT 2.0TDi
The VW Scirocco GT 2.0TDi
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AROUND 25 years ago my dad nearly bought a Volkswagen Scirocco. I remember the day like it was yesterday - the whole family taking a trip to the garage and looking at it.

Me drooling with admiration at the thought of learning to drive in it, my dad sinking into the seat of the silver beast and gripping the steering wheel with a glint in his eye. He was going to buy it, he really was going to buy it!

He didn’t buy it.

We got another Vauxhall Cavalier instead - a banana yellow one. Yippee!

Why didn’t he buy it? He said it felt too sporty!

Always the practical one my dad - if he won the lottery he’d probably stick with his Ford Focus Estate. Me, I’d buy a Ferrari.

Fast forward a quarter of a century and the Scirocco has returned: sleeker, more rounded, faster and more sporty than ever and just as eye-catching as the old Scirocco, if not more so.

So I was looking forward to reviewing the car immensely.

Corkills of Wigan offered me a silver GT 2.0TDi for a couple of days and as I climbed into the driving seat and gripped the steering wheel, just as my dad had, I can imagine I had the exact same feeling as he had all those years ago.

It did feel sporty.

But to me, that’s a good thing. I am not as practical, much more impulsive and dad if you’re reading this - better looking too (that’s me struck off the christmas card list)!

Frivolities aside, the Scirocco is indeed a thing of beauty - ok, from the side and back it doesn’t scream wow at you but from the front it does.

Inside it is luxurious without being overstated. Everything is clean and neat with leather seats and chrome trim and all the refinements you would expect from a VW - dual climate control, onboard computer, built-in sat nav, six speed gearbox, ABS, parking assist etc (it would take me two pages to list everything).

At a little under £24,000, though, the luxury doesn’t come cheap, but as always with a Volkswagen you are assured of a solid, reliable car.

I’m not a huge fan of diesel engines and from what I’ve read about the Scirocco, the 2.0TSi petrol version is widely acknowledged to be a better option. Having said that the model I had certainly packed enough punch in terms of acceleration and was more than happy hurtling down the motorway. And with a combined MPG of 55.4 you get a fair few miles for your money.

Road holding and handling was solid, the only real negative I picked up on were the headrests on the two rear seats, which limit visibility in the rear view mirror.

Gorgeous alloy wheels and a chrome twin exhaust pipe help enhance the sporty look and feel of the car and with a multitude of optional extras and a number of different engine choices you really can customise your Scirocco.

Call in at Corkills and book your test drive today. Tel 01942 324411.