Sherrie’s first week in CBB

Sherrie Hewson
Sherrie Hewson

WIGAN resident Sherrie Hewson has survived an eventful week in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But the Benidorm actress has failed to make her mark in the famous Channel Five house, overshadowed by the Americans.

The 64-year-old has kept out of the drama, with supermodel Janice Dickinson, adult film star Jenna Jameson, and reality stars Austin Armacost and Farrah Abraham.

Before entering the house, she said she will not approve of any hanky panky in the bedroom and is glad she has brought her ear plugs.

Sherrie, who also presents Loose Women, is more modes, amusing fans by having a bath fully clothed - well there are cameras around so no-one would blame her!

But she hasn’t escaped the clutches of TV badmouth Katie Hopkins, who described her as being “boring.”

Katie wrote in The Sun: “Sherrie is like all Loose Women - angry at being old and bitter from experience.

“And Janice says Sherrie is her ‘special friend.’ The word she’s looking for is “mug.”

But Sherrie said she would have hated to have shared a house with Katie, saying: “I would not have been able to control myself with that dreadful woman. She is just the most hideous person and I would have had to say, ‘What are you?’ I won’t get involved in people’s arguments, it has got nothing to do with me, but if anyone is picking on anyone then I will go in. I have that steel right through me and if I see anything like that I just go straight in.”