Shock horror - savoury duck firm is no more

Geoffrey Shryhane
Geoffrey Shryhane

Our top columnist Geoffrey Shryhane embarks on another nostalgic gastronomic journey...

It was the news I hoped against hope I would never hear. Let me explain. Totting round the little and often deserted Market Square in the Galleries I bumped into Tony Hilton.

He lives in Whelley and is a respected religious historian.

“Have you heard?” he said.

“There are no savoury ducks for sale in the Market Hall.”

That was bad enough.

Then he confirmed his belief that the firm making savoury ducks had run out of steam.

I rushed to Redman’s stall – and the pleasant assistant said they’d not has “ducks” for weeks.

Yes they believed the makers in Liverpool had shut up shop.

Here I had to admit to gastronomic ignorance. Just what is a savoury duck?

The assistant said it was pork and herbs mixed into delicious balls.

Apparently there are many varieties and in some places they’re called faggots.

The old lady standing nearby admitted: “I just won’t seem like Christmas without a savoury duck.”

Apparently Redman’s sold dozens of “ducks” every week.

Wiganers love them.

But then it seemed that all hope was not lost as savoury ducks were also sold at a Market Hall stall with the name of “The Oven Door.”

Needless to say I rushed to find out.

More disappointment as the assistant confirmed they’d not had “ducks” for weeks.

Yes, the makers had hit the buffers.

So there we are…the first festive disappointment.

Will another manufacturer be found? Well, ducks, I can only say “watch this space.”

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