Singing for earthquake survivors

Rick Astley
Rick Astley

RICK Astley has been in Singapore to help raise funds and awareness for aid following the earthquake in Nepal.

The former Newton-le-Willows resident performed on the first of a two-part special of The 5 Show earlier this week, which aims to raise funds to help those affected by the recent deadly earthquake in Nepal.

I’ve been unbelievably luck with a load of things and I want to give back

Rick Astley

And whilst there he sang on the new Rollin’ Good Times, a reboot of the popular 1990s Singaporean music variety show, which will be aired one Sunday, from May 17.

The 80s legend, famous for the song Never Gonna Give You Up, told Channel NewsAsia: “Disasters like the Nepal earthquake are very alien to us (people living in the UK) because Britain is so safe. We have some high winds occasionally, or too many leaves on the railway line that stops the trains, we’ve had a bit of flooding recently, which had been terrible, but it’s not like you need to rebuild (after that),

“I’ve been unbelievably lucky with a load of things and I want to give back, but I don’t want to look like I’m a saint. I’m not. I don’t really want to think of it like that. I mean I’m just going up there to sing some pop songs. I’m no good at rebuilding houses. If it gets people in the right mood to give a couple of dollars, that’s fine. The real heroes are those who have gone to Nepal to help.”

Rick is regular visitor to Singapore, and he performs on Rollin’ Good Times every year.

He said; “I really like the country, and I have quite a few friends who live here now. I also have a private gig to play in the region, so it made sense to do the show. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the local acts on the show. I think it will be interesting.

“I hope I’ll be able to bring back memories of the good times. I think that’s what music does. For me, the rollin’ good times were when I had my first couple of hits. That was pretty amazing.

“Television shows are not like the real thing. When you are at a concert, you get to speak to your audience … people shout things, and things are just different. It’s not the same as playing in front of thousands of people. But I guess performing on television is just one step removed.”