Singing vicar mixes old and new!

Hindley All Saint's singing vicar
Hindley All Saint's singing vicar
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MEET the singing vicar!

Rev Alan Beahan of Hindley All Saints’ Church is so keen for members of the congregation to get their vocal chords round new religious songs, he holds a “rehearsal” five minutes before the start of morning service.

In addition to teaching his flock new hymns, Rev Beahan is an organist, ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

Every Sunday, Mr Beahan becomes “music teacher” and introduces new hymns to his 100 regular worshippers and demonstrates how they should be sung.”

He said: “It’s proving very popular and successful.”

Mr Beahan, 46, who was born in Ormskirk, studied Russian and French at Birmingham University. He went to Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall fell and taught in Prague and Hungary, before joining the church and being ordained.

He added: “Bringing some new hymns to All Saints doesn’t mean we’ll be forgetting the traditional ones. I’d like to create music for the different seasons of the year. It’s all a case of mixing the old and the new.

He joined Hindley All Saints’ Church after being a curate at Warrington Parish Church.