Sir Ian blasts Australian PM

Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ian McKellen

SIR Ian McKellen has accused Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott of being a “victim of homophobia” after he opposed gay marriage.

The actor, who grew up in Wigan, was amazed to hear that Mr Abbott continues to be opposed to marriage equality, even though polls suggest a majority of Australians would support the reform – and even Abbott’s own sister seeks to marry her long-time partner.

I hope that during Pride, a lot of gay people will come out

Sir Ian McKellen

He told Australian news organisation Same Same: “What’s his problem?

“He’s a politician, so he must be worried about his votes.

“You see, he’s a victim of homophobia. He’s worried that if he comes out and supports gay people he’ll be despised – but he won’t. People will admire him for his support.

“He’s being very short-sighted. And in ten years’ time when it’s all happened, he’s going to look very miserable. It’s going to be a black mark against his reputation.

“I mean, it’s all inevitable. But you have to stand up and make a fuss!”

Sir Ian was proud to lead the Manchester Pride Parade and be Grand Marshall of New York City Pride in June.

He said: “I hope that during Pride, a lot of gay people will come out. They’ll see many gay people around and think ‘I’m one of those’. They’ll send the message back home that we like gay people.

“Pride is the celebration of the fact that the world is becoming better for gay people. Elsewhere, we must remember that there are no pride events.”