Sir Ian’s new roles

Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ian McKellen

SIR Ian McKellen is the latest star to bring Sherlock Holmes to life.

The actor, who grew up in Wigan, is to play an aged version of the sleuth in new film A Slight Trick Of The Mind.

The Lord Of The Rings star will be reunited with his Gods And Monsters filmmaker Bill Condon in a movie adaptation of Mitch Cullin’s novel.

Hollywood Reporter says Sir Ian has been cast as the long-retired consulting detective who is still haunted by an unsolved case from 50 years ago. He is losing his memory, and without his sidekick Dr Watson, he can only remember fragments of what has happened.

The film is expected to start shooting in the UK in April next year.

Holmes has been played in recent years by Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC1 update of the stories, Robert Downey Jr in two film outings and Jonny Lee Miller has portrayed him in US TV series Elementary.

The former Lord of Rings actor has been gearing up for a rather different starring role, as he is to preside at the upcoming wedding of his friend Sir Patrick Stewart in Massachusetts in the next few days.

He talked about the plan on a chat show, saying he would officiate at the wedding of Stewart, 72, to his fiance of four years, jazz singer Sunny Ozell, 34.

The couple have been together since 2008 and share Sir Patrick’s Oxfordshire mansion.

Sir Ian said he has officiated at one wedding before, a gay civil union. But he doesn’t need any special credentials to officiate at the Stewart ceremony because Massachusetts offers a “one-day marriage designation” that, for $25 and a character reference, allows any friend or family member of the couple to legally perform a wedding.