Sir Ian’s tribute to Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman
Alan Rickman

SIR Ian McKellen has become the latest celebrity to pay tribute to Alan Rickman.

As the pair starred together in Harry Potter and also Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny, Sir Ian left an emotive Facebook post about the actor was died of cancer last week.

Alan would be hilarious and indignant and generous

Sir Ian McKellen

He said: “There is so much that is matchless to remember about Alan Rickman.”

He then recalled how Alan stood up for him on the set of Rasputin: “He discovered that the local Russian crew was getting an even worse lunch than the rest of us. So he successfully protested. On my first day before the camera, he didn’t like the patronising, bullying tone of a note which the director gave me. Alan, seeing I was a little crestfallen, delivered a quiet, concise resumé of my career and loudly demanded that the director up his game.”

Sir Ian, who grew up in Wigan, said the world was indebted to Alan’s career, and that his passing would leave a multitude of friends and fans in mourning. He added: “Behind his starry insouciance and careless elegance, behind that mournful face, which was just as beautiful when wracked with mirth, there was a super-active spirit, questioning and achieving, a super-hero, unassuming but deadly effective.

He also said that the former Die Hard actor “put liberal philanthropy at the heart of his life”, and said he considered him and wife Rima Horton to be at the top of his list of ideal dinner party guests, adding: “Alan would be hilarious and indignant and generous.”