Slammed for smoking with teenage daughter

Kym Marsh poses with her daughter Emilie Cunliffe
Kym Marsh poses with her daughter Emilie Cunliffe
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IT’S been another bad week for Kym Marsh.

Still suffering from a backlash over dating Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Wareing’s ex Dan Hooper, the Ashton star has been slammed for encouraging her 16-year-old daughter to smoke,

Both Kym and Emilie were snapped puffing on a cigarette outside Manchester’s Black Dog Ballroom last month - the venue where Michelle Keegan threw her Coronation Street leaving party.

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of health charity ASH, commented: “It is really sad to see a 16 year old smoking, as starting at such a young age can lead to a lifelong addiction and premature death from cancers, lung diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

“Most parents don’t want their children to become smokers and they need to know that if they smoke their children are up to 3 times more likely to become smokers themselves.”

Under laws which came into place in 2007 Emilie, at 16, isn’t legally allowed to buy her own cigarettes - people need to be 18.

The public has also turned against Kym for dating Dan Hooper just two months after he split with long-term partner Stephanie Wareing.

After Stephanie had publicly spoken about her upset, the 37-year-old was subject to abuse from fans on Twitter.

Steph’s pal, model Nicola McLean, also waded in, creating a Twitter spat.

But Kym attempted to set the record straight in OK! magazine, saying: “Of course I’m upset. The personal texts that were shown were very selective ones and if anyone had seen the full conversation they might feel a little bit differently. What she failed to mention was that I did ask her via text if she wanted me to back off from Dan but she didn’t reply. I also asked her if she wanted me to go and see her so we could talk about it, but she declined the offer.

“I am gutted she went to a paper instead of taking me up on my offer of chatting face-to-face about it. “I actually said to her if she still loved him she should do something about it.”

“I’ve been painted as the bad person but I know I’ve done nothing wrong and neither has Dan.

“It’s been made out I’m a really good friend of Stephanie’s and that’s not the case.”

She added that both Dan and her were still single and they had only been on three dates. But the pair were both spotted snogging in front of her three-year-old daughter Polly in a restaurant in the Trafford Centre last week.