Smoke without fire

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WIGAN smokers are being urged to ditch the weed in favour of electronic cigarettes, as the town’s first store specialising in the product is opened.

Totally Wicked e-cigarettes are battery powered and work by releasing a vapour giving the smoker the same kick as a normal cigarette, but without the 4,000 carcinogens found in them.

With many flavours of e-liquid to choose from in the new Wallgate store, Totally Wicked claims to provide a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

Switching to this innovative product could not only save you thousands of pounds, but its use is not covered by the smoking ban, and does not produce any harmful second-hand smoke.

The company, which sells its products worldwide, launched four years ago and opened its first Wigan store on Friday.

Totally Wicked managing director, Jason Cropper, said: “We have mostly sold our product online for the last four years, and wanted to branch out and franchise stores.

“We thought Wigan was the prefect place to open up a shop, as it has a high smoking population.

“An electronic cigarette does what a normal cigarette does, but doesn’t give you all the nasty effects that tobacco exudes.

“They are made up of three parts, a rechargeable battery, an atomiser and a nicotine cartridge.

“Vapers, which is what we call people who use the product, aren’t smokers any more.

“They can choose up to 120 flavours of e-liquid which goes in the electronic cigarette, and they have the choice of six different strengths.

“Our Wigan store stocks up to 60 of those flavours.”

From popular flavours of tobacco, to tiramisu to cappuccino, there is every flavour imaginable.

Totally Wicked bosses have big plans for 2012, and hope to extend the new store which is directly opposite Wigan North Western Train Station and within walking distance of many pubs, by adding a Vapers’ lounge downstairs, similar to the one they run in Florida.

Totally Wicked is based in Blackburn, and distributes its products worldwide.

Like tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can not be sold to anybody under the age of 18.