So hungry he could have eaten anybody

Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard

JIMMY Bullard has told how he fantasised about eating people and suffered hallucinations whilst in the jungle.

The ex-Latics player was the first to be booted off I’m a Celebrity and he expressed his relief at leaving as he had started to go mad.

He told The Sun that he had a meltdown shortly before the Terror Tombs trail which was the decider for who would win immunity, Producers raced after him to calm him down as he begged for food and to see a doctor,

He said: “I panicked and went into one for 10 minutes. It was totally nutty and I lost my head completely. It’s crazy how mad your brain gets in there.”

He added that he started seeing things: “I was staring at the fire. I saw a pizza and a curry.”

He was not in the right frame of mind to stay in a dark coffin with rats and as a result he was the first - and only celebrity to wuss out and leave the trial,

He said: “Hunger kicked in. I thought’ ‘I’ll do Terror Tombs and still be hungry. Why am I doing this?’

“I had a black cloud over my head. I told producers ‘I have to go’ and ran.

“They were shouting ‘where’s he going?’ I was running deeper in the jungle, shouting’ I need a doctor. I need a banana or something.’

“I couldn’t deal with it. I needed food. I even saw some blokes walking past and thought about eating them.”

And to make matters worse there was a power cut on the set. Once the lights came on the 36-year-old calmed down and he did the Terror Tombs trial.

It was believed Jimmy wimping out his trial and his foul-mouthed rant at camp mate Jake Quickenden sealed his exit.

Jimmy said: “It was never nasty. We had a lads banter thing and could say anything to each other. But after seeing the clip I can see how things can be confused.”

He also blasted reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson for her bad hygiene habits and admitted he was shocked by how open Edwina Curry was about her love life.

He said: “She was the most shocking, I was crying at the stuff she came out with.”

He also spoke of his fondness for Carl Fogarty, saying: “He got me through some hard times, I want him or Jake to win.”