Stuart says Love Me Don’t

Stuart Maconie
Stuart Maconie
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MUSIC model Stuart Maconie has revealed that when he heard The Beatles’ song Love Me Do, he was not impressed.

Although only two when the song was released, the former Worsley Mesnes resident was a teenager when he first came across the iconic tune and felt it did not compare to their other classics.

As he presented a nostalgic programme on BBC4 - Love Me Do: The Beatles ‘62 - he told MEN: “It’s not the best Beatles record by a long chalk.

“I first heard it when I started to love the Beatles when I was a teenager, in the context of other Beatles records. Compared to Strawberry Fields Forever, Yesterday or Eleanor Rigby, it’s not that brilliant.

“But you have to hear it in the context of what you were being served up in 1962, which was weird novelty records, saccharine ballads, orchestral stuff, very much light entertainment, Two-Way Family Favourites.

“Suddenly, there comes this sound which is incredibly direct, with what the great writer Ian MacDonald called a ‘dockside harmonica’.”

But he added that the band was on the cusp of a revolution, changing the shape of music for decades to come.

He said: “They were making up the rules as they went along. They were inventing rock music. The idea of a superstar band, a globally-influential rock band had never happened.”