Taylor Swift evicts Sir Ian McKellen

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
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TAYLOR Swift may have recruited Sir Ian McKellen as one of her homies, but it was not long ago that she threw him out of his own flat.

The actor, who grew up in Wigan, told Gay Star News that he was living in the flat in Manhattan, which was then bought by the young singer.

She bought it - she had every right to. I was lodging there for free

Sir Ian McKellen

He said: “When I was living in Peter Jackson’s apartment in New York, Taylor Swift bought it while I was there and I was thrown out before I wanted to leave,

“That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it?

“But she bought it, she had every right to — I was just lodging there for free! She did ask me to appear with Patrick Stewart at her show in LA, but I had something else to do that night.”

But the Lord of the Rings star proved there was no bad blood between them, as he provided a satirical take on Taylor’s song - ironically called Bad Blood.

Sir Ian was speaking after he led Manchester Pride last weekend.

Meanwhile, the acting legend has joined the likes of Carey Mulligan and Michael Sheen to support the Into Film festival, which returns for its second year running.

Sir Ian said: “Education is a very wide term and it certainly should cover a stimulus and an introduction to ideas and topics and people who otherwise they might not know about. I can’t recommend this venture strongly enough.”

The film event, specially for school pupils, kicks off in November with 2,700 screenings across the UK of more than 150 films.