Teeing up for a rare golf game

Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris
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THE first Iranian international golf tournament has been launched by a Wigan travel company.

Lupine Travel which successfully launched the first North Korean Golf Open earlier this year will host the three-day event on the Enghelab Golf Complex in Tehran, next April.

This rare opportunity which takes place on Iran’s only golf course, is open to all nationalities with an up-to-date verifiable handicap.

Lupine Travel Managing director, Dylan Harris said: “The success of the tournament in North Korea earlier this year, enabled me to push forward with the idea of promoting an event and the sport in Iran.

“Unlike North Korea, Iran already had a dedicated Golfing Federation who are very keen to push the sport forward in their country, so this made matters much easier in enabling the tournament to happen.

“I believe the press which this will gain in Iran, with nationalities from all around the world, coming into their country to play golf, will help to boost the sport significantly and help to encourage more locals to take up golf.”

Lupine has joined forces with the Iranian Golfing Federation (IGF) to make the forthcoming tournament happen and will Iran open its doors for the first time to international entrants.

Dylan added: “This will be a more all-round travel experience rather than just playing golf. There is the exclusivity of playing golf in an unusual country but also a tour of the country which comes as part of the package.

“Also the chance to become the national champion in the first ever event in the country should be very appealing.

“It is completely safe for foreign nationals to go to Iran as long as they stick to the laws of the country. There is currently tension with the US and Israel but at the moment this is all political and doesn’t affect people on the ground.”

Enghelab is the world’s only 13-hole golf course. Built in the 1970s as an 18-hole course, the Iranian military confiscated five holes for their own use.

The event will be led by tournament director Brian Wilkie who has worked for two seasons for the European Golf Tour as Rules Official.

To book, email info@lupinetravel.co.uk.