Teen mum’s the word for Kym

Kym Marsh with her children in 2005.
Kym Marsh with her children in 2005.

KYM Marsh will be on Channel Five this week, discussing teen pregnancies.

The Ashton star, had her first child David when she was 18, is fronting Kym Marsh: Teen Mums and Me, at 10pm on Wednesday to highlight the plight of teenage mums.

She said: “It was something I wanted to get involved with because I was there once and I know there’s a lot of stigma attached to it.

“A lot of girls find themselves in that situation and are just trying to do right by their baby.

“It’s hard work being a young mother, trying to raise your child with people looking down their nose at you.

“I remember how difficult things were and I really empathised with the girls.”

Kym remembers how she struggled and even had to split a pack of nappies with her sister Tracy, who was also a teen mum.

She said; “By the time I had paid my bills I was left with about a fiver a week. It was grim.

“Sometimes the money in the electricity meter would run out and we’d be sitting in the dark.

“My son was obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine, but I didn’t ever have enough money to buy him one.”

When Kym had Polly in March last year, things were different as she was better off financially.

She admitted she has less energy now but does not regret having two children at a young age, adding: “I know how lucky I am. I wouldn’t swap that for anything.”