The Bear set to go into hibernation

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LOCAL four-piece band, The Bear, are taking a break after their next gig at The Boulevard.

They are leaving the live music scene for the time being as guitarist Simon Woods goes travelling.

Billed with Boss Keloid and Los Vencidos on February 25, The Bear will pull out a show-stopping performance.

Simon said: “This will be our last gig for a while. We’re not exactly splitting up, we’re just taking a break as I’m going off travelling the world for around a year or more.

“We never know what could happen in the future and we’re all still on good terms so it’s more like The Bear are hibernating, not dead.”

Davestock Promotions return to Boulevard to host the gig and bid farewell to a band they have worked with so much.

Dave Kaaria said: “We knew that The Bear wanted to have a last gig and this is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye, they always pull in a good audience.

“We had wanted Los Vencidos to play at the Boulevard last August but they couldn’t make it, this latest gig was the only time they were next available.

“And Boss Keloid always go down well with the Wigan crowd, it really will be a good night back on the scene.”

The Bear who all met several years ago while in other bands is made up of Mervin Battle on guitar and vocals, Craig Terrence Harrison on bass, Simon Woods on guitar and Davey Fox-Denver who plays drums.

Simon added: “We’ve not really had a break from being in all kinds of different bands since we were teenagers so were unlikely to stop now.

“No-one has any concrete plans for the future, and I’m taking a guitar with me so I can keep writing stuff for when I return.

“This upcoming gig will be a top night as we’re on with our good pals, Boss Keloid too.

“It’s likely to be more of the same madness, we don’t have anything planned yet but our gigs are usually quite spontaneous.”

The Bear, Loss Vencidos and Boss Keloid will all perform at The Boulevard on February 25 from 8pm.