The man who can’t speak but sings like an angel

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MARTIN Finn has the singing voice of an angel.

A talent all the more exceptional as his severe form of autism leaves him unable to speak.

Martin Finn pictured with proud parents John and Norma

Martin Finn pictured with proud parents John and Norma

Martin, of Atherton, was diagnosed with the condition when he was almost three years old.

It severely impacts on his life as he cannot live independently.

But while at Landgate Special School in Ashton his teachers discovered his vocal gifts and he has been singing ever since.

The 22-year-old has recorded a 10-song album for charity and is now hoping to produce a second one, with a more country sound.

He appeared on the BBC documentary Autistic Superstars in 2010 and was made ambassador for Autism Radio UK, recording a charity single for Staffordshire Adult Autistic Society.

He was then invited to star in Autism’s Got Talent in 2012 and 21013 and did a documentary for German TV company RTL.

Martin, who has Gealic roots through his dad, was invited to appear on Irish TV to raise awareness of autism in over there.

He sang at the Town Hall in Manchester for the opening of St Patrick’s week, as well as at a similar event at Abram Community Club.

Dad John said: “Martin struggles with most things that we take for granted, such as understanding to open and close a door, or the fact it is raining outside, as it has no meaning for him.

“He is a toddler in an adult’s body and has no sense of danger.

“He needs everything doing for him.

“There is such a margin between his disability and his ability to sing, it is incredible.

“He lives for music, his life would be empty if that was taken away.

“His teacher Calvin Wallace realised he was capable. He was enjoying singing and would get louder and they could not stop him from singing,

“So they got a karaoke machine with backing tracks and encouraged him.

“He was then asked to sing at another of his teacher’s wedding.

“They were amazed at how well he could sing and then the school arranged for Calvin to take him to a recording studio and he made an album in 2008, for charity. John Kettle, guitarist and music producer, helped Martin and he said he had never come across somebody like that.

“Since then Martin has been busy doing lots of charity gigs.

“You cannot put into words how proud we are of Martin. He is so unique and talented.”

Martin, who attends The Anglo House day centre in Manchester, will be singing at a benefit night in his honour and for autism at the Brian Boru Club, in Ashton, on Friday April 11, from 8.30pm.

He will be joined by PJ Murrihy and Steven Doyle.

Tickets are £5 and can be bought on the door or from the club, in Bryn Street.

To hear Martin sing visit his Facebook page - Martin Finn from Autistic Superstars.

He can also be found on YouTube.