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Katie White of The Ting Tings
Katie White of The Ting Tings
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THE Ting Tings have urged their label to rush-release their new album a month early following an online leak.

The duo, which features Lowton-born Katie White, are hoping to rush-release Sounds From Nowheresville, as just weeks before their second album was due, it appeared on illegal filesharing sites

They posted on Twitter: “Lots of people getting a listen of our new record … Miraculously?”

And drummer Jules De Martino added: “We should be outraged but what good would it do?

“Some selfish idiot who had the music early just couldn’t help themselves.”

This is the second setback for the duo, as their previous attempt at a follow-up album, Kunst, was shelved because the band were unhappy with the results.

Meanwhile, The Ting Tings will play at the South by Southwest Music Conference in American in March.