The tunes just keep on coming

he Ting Tings
he Ting Tings
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THE Ting Tings just can’t wait for you to hear their tunes.

The pop duo, which features Lowton-born Katie White, recently released their first single - Hang It Up - from their second album - Sound of Nowheresville - which is now playing on most radio stations.

Fans were treated to a preview of the track on You Tube last November.

And now they have allowed fans to hear their second single through Spinner.

The track - Soul Killing - features a squeaking rocking chair as the primary rhythm, and isn’t quite as up tempo as a lot of the band’s previous work.

Katie said: “Soul Killing is about frustration in this biz.

“This is a real squeaking rocking-chair song. Don’t let anyone shoot you down.”

Apart from Spanish rocking chairs, the song also features horns and the band’s signature treble-heavy guitar set to a bouncy reggae vibe.

The duo insist their sound is not commercial or poppy and Katie admits she is disillusioned with being labelled a “pop” artist because she doesn’t feel as though she fits in with the stereotypical image of other mainstream artists.

She said: “We’ve been down all these red carpets and stood next to these girls who are, like, pop stars. They work it so well, but I’m just totally useless.”

Drummer Jules de Martino recently told NME magazine: “Most pop bands aren’t as DIY as us, and every time we get something that’s really polished we wreck it.

“Every time we cross that line into pure pop we get frightened.”

The duo added that their sound was slightly downbeat, as they would not like to release a happy album because it would be unlikely people would want to buy it.

Jules said: “We can only ever write anything when we’re down. Who wants to hear an album from an artist that’s happy? Because the content line tends to be, ‘I’m sitting on a beach, how’s life for you?’

“And right now a lot of people’s answer is likely to be, ‘Well not very good actually, we won’t buy your record.’ “

Sounds From Nowheresville will be out on sale on February 27 and the duo begin their American tour on March 20.

They have also be confirmed as one of the main acts for BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend on June 23 and 24.